About Colour 2 Glass

Colour2Glass shop frontColour 2 Glass  is a North West based business specialising in spraying and digitally printing directly onto glass.
We work with individuals and numerous companies across the UK, offering great prices for coloured and printed glass splashbacks. Our combination of competitive rates, first class service and a full measure and fit package nationwide, making us a top choice in the industry.

We carry out all spraying and printing in-house, with our team of experts on hand providing you with the highest quality product.

At Colour 2 Glass, we only use toughened glass for added safety, insuring it is unaffected by day to day usage, withstand heat of up to 400C, making them ideal for kitchen/cooker splashbacks.

Our résumé includes work done in every room of the house as splashbacks, flooring, doors, shower cubicles, mirrors and worktops as well as a method of showcasing artwork. We reach across numerous venues from bars and restaurants to student accommodation, planes, commercial units, airports, hotels, spas and much more.

Coloured Glass Splashbacks

Colour2Glass Computerised Colour Matching System

Colour 2 Glass uses a computerised colour formulating system to match all leading brands of paint including Ral, Dulux, Valspar and Farrow & Ball. We can also create colours to match décor, swatches or even other items in your home. We always apply at least 4 coats of paint to ensure the colour is totally opaque. We have a variety of additional finishes such as Silver, Gold or Rainbow sparkle which can make your coloured glass splashback unique and adds an extra shine and show stopping look.

Printed Glass Splashbacks

Our own large format printer allows us to print any photographic quality image 3000mm x 2000mm directly onto the back of glass; we then back spray it to seal the image from damage. Pick from images in our stock library, supply one of your own or choose from thousands online at www.shutterstock.com. Whilst cheaper alternatives include printing onto vinyl or plastic film and then adhering to glass, our technique is not only higher quality but also proves longer lasting and is safe to go behind a hob.

Glass Splashbacks Maintenance

There is very little maintenance required with our glass splashbacks. Wiping the glass down with an everyday streak free glass cleaner and paper towels or a lint free cloth is enough to keep your splashbacks looking pristine. Avoid using harsh materials such as steel wool and any solvents. Unlike tiles, glass has no grout lines, therefore minimal germs making glass splashbacks for your kitchen or bathroom a very hygienic solution. As an additional option, we can coat the glass with a Glass Surface Protection System. The water repellent coating makes it difficult for grease and dirt to adhere and allows them to be easily removed without using abrasive agents giving the glass an “Easy Clean” surface.