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Four Reasons to Choose a Bathroom Splashback

Bathroom splashback

Considering a change for your bathroom? Have you thought about bathroom splashbacks? Don’t neglect the fitting of splashbacks. Here are four key reasons why they deserve a place on your list that you may not have considered.


The great thing about bathroom splashbacks. Is that they offer you scope to really transform how your space looks on a modest budget. Without investing the time required to redecorate the entire space.

Try a unique splashback, or one in an accent colour, to bring a focal point into the room and immediately draw the eye of any visitors. You can add a note of brightness to a smaller space that might not attract much natural light. Such as a back bathroom, whilst also serving a practical purpose.


The range of designs is extensive. Why not try a pop of bright colour, a new design, or a pattern you’ll love? It’s possible to incorporate graphics and icons that really express your personality and brighten up your daily routine. If there’s a design you love and cannot otherwise place in your home. A printed splashback could be the answer.

Bathroom Splashback


A bathroom splashback isn’t just there to look good. It has a key role in protecting walls, paint and other elements from damage that occurs over time where water is in use. Splashes and drops can be damaging to your home.

A splashback could provide essential protection beside fittings such as your sink, shower and bath tub. And should be made to measure for an entirely perfect fit. Consider the splashback an essential investment in the integrity of your valuable home.

Easy Maintenance

No one needs extra hassle in their home cleaning routine. However, splashbacks are incredibly easy to clean. And their colourful or glossy designs won’t fade over time. They’ll breathe life into your room without adding to maintenance. Indeed all our glass splashbacks are guaranteed for 10 years.

So there you have it. Bathroom splashbacks provide an appealing finish and contribution to interior design. Whilst also offering substantial benefits in terms of maintenance and protection of integral aspects of the home.

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