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Our Measure and Fit Service

measure and fit glass splashbacks

The templates are now a thing of the past. Splashback fitters of old, were required to cut a piece of MDF board to fit between the worktop and the cupboards. Cutting around obstructions and plug sockets. From this template an exact shape was cut out from a sheet of glass.

Colour2Glass can Measure and Fit Glass Splashbacks

Now we use digital profilers and lasers. These exact measurements and shape profiles are then transferred to a CAD (Computer Aided Design) system, and the glass is cut and shaped by machine.

How We Measure For Your Glass Splashback

Once an order is placed. Our fitters make an appointment to visit the customer and measure up for the glass splashbacks. This can take several hours depending on the number of pieces of glass required. For the simple jobs, sometimes a good old tape measure is all we need to get the measurements we require.

But when things are more complex. We use a combination of digital profilers and cross haired lasers. From these measurements a digital drawing is produced, and electronically sent to the glass processors.

How Your Splashback is Coloured

When the glass is ready. The sizes are checked and the splashback is then transferred to the spraying or the printing department. If the splashback is to be coloured. The customers colour choice is entered into our colour matching system.

The system calculates the mix of the base colours and the quantity required to make the chosen colour. The splashback is sprayed with 4 coats of glass paint with a drying time of 30 minutes between each coat. From here the splashback is transferred to a drying room where it is left to cure and harden.

If the splashback is to be printed. The shaped glass is cleaned and put in place on the printer. The printer applies a thin layer of machine primer to ensure the ink adheres to the glass. The chosen image is downloaded to the printer. And the next step of the process is to print directly onto the glass.

Once printed, the splashback is taken to the spraying department where 4 layers of white glass paint are applied. Then it’s once again into the drying room. When the paint and inks are fully cured and hardened (Our inks are UV cured and will not fade or wash off). Any over spray to the face and edges is cleaned off using our automated cleaning and edge polishing machine. And finally a quality inspection is then carried out.

Fitting Your Splashback

On the day of the arranged fitting our team will collect the splashback, and deliver it in one of our carefully designed vans with secure racking. On arrival the splashback is checked to ensure it fits exactly as measured.

Adhesive is applied to the wall, and the splashback is then pressed home. This process is then repeated with any other pieces if required. And on completion the whole of the area will be cleaned and silicone sealed to ensure the splashback is watertight.

That’s how we Measure and Fit Glass Splashbacks at Colour2Glass.


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