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Three Glass Splashback Ideas for your Kitchen

Kitchen splashbacks are a great example of how planning a kitchen and interior design have become intertwined. Originally the main focus of a splashback was a purely functional role. To protect your walls from the hob or sink splashes. But in today’s modern kitchens, the splashback is a statement piece.

It’s one of the first things that catches your eye when you enter a kitchen. So you want it to look great! We think a glass splashback is the perfect type of splashback because of its versatility and look. Here are our top three ways to create perfect glass splashbacks.

Go Graphic

Printed splashbacks bring your very own style to your kitchen

Opt for a photo or printed glass splashbacks to make an impact. Use it to create a feature wall in a neutral style kitchen. And it will instantly make the room pop! Popular designs are a skyline of your favourite city in the world or a piece of nature. You can even try a full-fit glass splashback to create a greater atmosphere and impact.

Go for a Splash of Colour

A splash of colour can really improve your kitchen's appearance.

If you have a white gloss unit in your kitchen. The perfect way to transform it is to add a square coloured glass splashback. Try a delicate shade such as aquamarine blue, or lilac to add soft colour to your room. Or go for “ZING” with an eye-popping bright yellow or lime green.

Adding brightly toned glass is popular in contemporary kitchens. As it adds definition and character without overpowering the room. Choose your favourite colour and give your room a pop of brightness.

Get Creative

Your kitchen is your space, so it needs to be personal to your taste. Have a favourite pet? Or a favourite quote? Or maybe there’s a family photo you love. Try designing bespoke glass splashback to suit you. Make it personal, so your kitchen becomes a beacon of your personality.

Here at Colour2Glass, we make your glass splashback to measure. So it’s perfect for your home. We also offer free delivery, as well as price matching. So you know you’re getting the best deal.

Contact us now on 0151 486 2215 to start designing your perfect glass splashback today!


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