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Red Glass Splashback Kitchen Ideas

The colour of passion, love and courage. Red glass splashbacks would be an interesting, and conventional choice for your kitchen or bathroom.


Red down the ages.

Red has always been a popular choice in interior décor. It is seen in prehistoric cave art, and in early civilizations in China, the Middle East and Europe.

In ancient Rome red was the colour of courage, and scarlet robes were worn by generals in the army. In ancient China, it was the colour of nobility and represented one of the most important elements – fire. Over the centuries, it has featured in religion by association with the blood of Christ. It’s also been the colour of aristocracy and majesty, and the colour of revolution and communism.

Red Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

Used in solid blocks of colour, red can add dynamism and depth to your kitchen. The shade has enough versatility to work both in small modern spaces and in larger, more spacious country kitchens, though it is more popular in contemporary decor. Red works well if you set it against white and use similar tones in the furnishings and fittings. For example, you could have a red splashback over the stove, and complement that with a red rug, a red lamp or even a crimson fridge. If that’s too much, even small touches of colour – a red kettle or teapot, a white door with a red handle or even a single chair or stool in the same hue could balance your kitchen interiors.

Red Glass Bathroom Splashbacks

In the bathroom, a shower curtain with red flowers, a red sink, or red towels and bathrobes could balance red glass splashbacks around the bath or shower areas. If that seems too overwhelming, go for a red splashback around the sink. Splashbacks are a popular choice for areas that need regular cleaning as the glass is easy to wipe. They also work to really brighten smaller modern spaces – after all, it’s those little splashes of colour that make all the difference.


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